I am Brian O’Meara, a resident of Oak Ridge, TN. This site used to be a single long page on my http://www.brianomeara.info personal website, but it seemed easier to make it a separate site with bookmarkable pages. You can see all the code used to make this site at https://github.com/bomeara/EastTN. Note that while I work in science, I am not an expert in epidemiology; this is just a compilation of others’ data. Talk to your doctor for making health decisions.

Some of the data sources:

Some of the tools used:

As part of this, I compile the data from different days and organize it into spreadsheets. You can download them below. Note that these involve transformations of the original data (i.e., I might have to download a page, parse it, and then transform it into a spreadsheet), which is done as accurately as I can, but there could still be errors. Each sheet typically has a date column; for the cases by individual school districts, the date is when the data were downloaded, but could reflect the previous day’s information.

Remember we are still in a pandemic. Get vaccinated to keep others and yourself safe: https://www.vaccines.gov/ to find vaccines.